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  • You must be working is software, Hardware and information technology area
  • Must work in Government office
  • Or else you must in private Ltd co. where PF & Salary slip facilities are there
  • The business people can apply for loan with the last 3 years IT papers
Your minimum amount of salary must be Rs.8500/- and above it.
  • Rs. 8,000/- 3.3 lakh
  • Rs.10,000/- 5.0 lakh
  • Rs.15,000/- 7.5 lakh
  • Rs.20,000/- 10.0 lakh
  • Rs.30,000/- 15.0 lakh
  • Rs.40,000/- 20.0 lakh
  • Rs.50,000/- 25.0 lakh
  • Rs.75,000/- 37.5 lakh
  • Rs.1,00,000/- 50.0 lakh
The papers needed for the loan from your side, must be properly provided and after it within 5-7 days it will be completed.
  • Photo
  • Payslip with Attest By Employee for 3 months
  • Employer Letter
  • Employer Letter
  • BankStatement for last 6 months
  • A Cheque Leaf for Proceesing Fee
  • Resume (Previous Employment details)
  • Identity Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Address Proof

Non-Resident Indian / PIO:

  • Photo
  • Employment Contract / Appointment Letter
  • Overseas Bank statement for 6 Months
  • NRE / NRO Bank Statement for 6 Months
  • Resume
  • Visa Stamped on Passport
  • Latest Credit Burezu report
  • Continuous Discharge
  • Certificate (CDC) for Applicants employed in the Merchant navy
  • Power Of Attorney
  • A Cheque Leaf for Processing Fees
If the loan is for 15 years. The EMI will be Rs.999/- of your amount of Rs.1,00,000/-. (Approximately).
Rate of interest will be 8.75% for the loan amount.
Yes, the interest amount will be reduced. According you pay the loan amount.
Yes, it can be done but the person must be working one.
Yes, this process can be done by the details about you through e-mail and get papers signed thoroughly carries.